Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In the Making of the Nation

            The Budget
What I understand from a country’s ‘budget’ is to take account of how to better the economy of the nation and take care of the people of the land.The economy of the country can be improved by improving the utilization of its sources in terms of;
 -Primary resource-agriculture
- Secondary resource - industries and businesses
- Tertiary resource – tourism and other services
- Natural resources with thrust on water and solar energy to contain pollution, and
- Plugging the wasted resources.
Government must tell the people of their plans to optimize the productivity of these ‘economy sectors’. Containing the   man hour loss, wastage and pilferage of resources, regular droughts and floods, food grain loss and other losses due to;
- Poor development of the rural front
- Poor land management, water management and power management  
-  Poor law and order, causing regular rapes, murders, protests and demonstrations bringing uncertainty in our lives and bad name to the nation.
This is just to name a few important areas that need urgent attention of the government. Details of Taxes, Duties and other cosmetic treatments here and there can be meaningful only if the main issues for the uplifting of the nation and its huge numbers of poor and illiterate masses are addressed with all sincerity. Presently annual budgets are no more than yearly rituals of the governments and have not been able to halt the gradual slide of the country to the present shambles.
With Good Wishes.
K C Agrawal

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