Friday, 30 January 2015

Causes of India's perennaial failures

All relief operations by the governments are supposed to be only short term measures under emergencies or urgencies. They cannot be made permanent, for it shall mean the failures of our governments in creating conditions and avenues to avert such situations in future. Alas! In India all short term measures become permanent due to perennial failures of our governments. Some examples; Mid-Day Meals, MGNREGA and Loan Waivers, Food Security,Food Subsidy Schemes and many more like, free Plots, Flats, pucca Houses and rising food subsidies et al.
It is the pathetic story of India of the past 68 years that has pushed the people to utter illiteracy and   poverty and country to the present shambles.

I pray some day some messiah rises and directs us the right path to 'liberty and dignity'. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

INDIA IN SHAMBLES - FORGOTTEN CONSTITUTION: Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi election...

INDIA IN SHAMBLES - FORGOTTEN CONSTITUTION: Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi election...: The Chief Election Commissioner of India,                                                        An open letter to CEC              ...

Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi elections

The Chief Election Commissioner of India,

                                                       An open letter to CEC
                               Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi elections                        
Dear Sir,                                                                                                                          

Dt 30/1/2015
The basic purpose of establishing governments is to develop the nation and empower the people naturally. Elections are a process to elect worthy guardians to establish responsible governments capable of fulfilling the socio-economic requirements of the Constitution (Article 38). Article 38 is fundamental in the governance of the country (Supreme Court).  
[“Dole-out of freebies vitiates the electoral process and shakes the root of free and fair elections,” said a Supreme Court bench of learned Justices P. Sathasivam and Rajan Gagoi (TOI, 6 July, 2013, clipping 42A)].
Present election manifestoes: Waiver of bills or highly subsidised prices of water and electricity. Free Plots, Flats, Pucca Houses at slums. More food subsidies and many more!? Indeed a great invite to migrants and their generous rehabilitation, even the most benevolent Kings of their times would not have ventured. And then what shall be left of Delhi after all this!?
Sir, if Freebies and Allurements (Metaphors of Bribes) are not banishes India shall only dwindle. Past 68 years are witness how gradually the nation is pushed to present shambles. The poor shall become poorer as all the money with the exchequer shall be lost on unproductive heads and only little left for development or to build infrastructure and facilities to naturally empower the poor. Already more than 100 crore of our people are destitutes or impoverished. Officially also government is obliged to feed at least 67%of our people through Mid-Day Meals, MGNREGA, Loan Waivers, Food Security and Food Subsidy Schemes and many more. The pathetic conditions of our government schools and the poor education system of our country are no secret. Everything India is creaking and dilapidating. It is a matter of shame for all Indians. Imagine what we shy to talk ourselves, President Obama travelling 13,500 km has conveyed to us about our poverty, ‘liberty and dignity’ and splintering fraternity. He also talked of our Constitution that we seem to have forgotten. 
Sir, I know you also want to see your country prosperous and people happy and satisfied. Please then make your elections due process purposeful and meaningful. Now the reins are with you please do what can make country progress and people happy? Delhi is already destroyed with 60 lacs juggi dwellers already authorised. Fresh freebies in terms of regularising the remaining colonies shall only make Delhi totally unliveable with rising Jhuggi and jhopar pattis  and so also footpath vendors, hawkers, rehris, and daily and weekly footpath markets every nook and corner of the city and in the midst of residential colonies.
Sir, not only we are belittled in our own eyes for our dismal performance; we shall also be shamed by the posterity for the shambles we shall leave behind. Sir, your decision now shall determine the future course of our country.
I hope Election commission shall be Judicious in addressing such issues prudently and set right the earlier wrongs in the interest of the nation and wellbeing of its large impoverished and famished   populace.
Thanks and Regards.
Sincerely yours
K C Agrawal
Author of: 'It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India for 'Liberty and Dignity’
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President Obama visit to India January,2015

President Barack Obama during his visit to India said on 27 January that, ‘India will succeed as
long as it is not splintered on religious lines’. He also quoted Article 25 of our Constitution to lay emphasis on his statement. The remark may also be a caution to avert splintering episodes like Gujrat 2002.The remarks may also be backlash of some past events as cited below;
 Increasing cases of attacks and destruction of churches, rapes and murders of Christians in Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Delhi and elsewhere by the Bajrang Dal on the plea that Christians are forcing conversions (September 2008). According to the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2011, India ranks amongst the 20 least peaceful nations in the world (Zee News Bureau, 26 May, 2011).
The western world, particularly the US and European Union (EU), has expressed serious concern on this and embarrassed India before the world community. Earlier, French President Nicholas Sarkozy conveyed as much to our Prime Minister when he was in France (29 September, 2008) and a few days later Condoleezza Rice (the then US Secretary of State) said the same thing when she visited India (4 October 2008).
Note: Some of our learned leaders, however, called it interference in our internal matters.
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Worthy Legislators and Civil Executives

To have good governing system it is essential to make our process of elections purposeful to elect worthy Legislators, similarly selection system for Civil Executives commensurate with the enormous responsibilities on their shoulders.
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Obama for 'Liberty and Dignity'

President Obama said, ‘India will succeed as long as it is not splintered on religious lines’. He quoted Article 25 of our Constitution to lay emphasis on his statement. He also gave his heart to expressing that ‘liberty and dignity’ to every human being are essential Human Rights for making a nation happy and prosperous (New Delhi 27/01/2015).
Today my heart (Author’s) bursts out of joy that what I have been gospelling from time immemorial and the audience was hardly receptive; President Obama travelling 13500 kms advocated the same philosophy to my great ecstasy.
I wish people embody awareness to accomplish this.
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K C Agrawal

Monday, 26 January 2015

Republic Day vs our #ForgottenConstitutionofIndia

Dear  Countrymen,
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 66th #RepublicDay.
Friends, unless our guardians, the Legislature and the Executive are able to Implement the #ConstitutionofIndia, the sacred occasion of #RepublicDay shall merely remains an annual ritual.
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

#Republic Day Greetings

To the people of India,
We wish this #RepublicDay brings happiness for our people.
People of India pledge their untrammeled allegiance with our #LearnedJudiciary.
K C Agrawal
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Rural Development

Unless we uplift our #ruralsector where the bulk of #India lives(73%), our country cannot progress. #Ruralpoor shall keep migrating to cities and #ruralisation of #India shall continue. This is #regression. In other words #dilapidationofthenation.
#India’s rural backwardness  #India’s human rights violations

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Think #India and the image that immediately comes to mind is that of chaos and #poverty, with a few odd economic success stories shining like tinsels on tattered rags. Sixty eight years of the current form of #democracy has failed India's poor millions who still languish in extreme poverty and sorrows of lives. Consistent shortage of water and electricity, creaking infrastructure, lack of job opportunities, galloping #inflation and dwindling value of the rupee present a nightmarish scenario of our nation and haunt the #commonman.
 Wisdom demands corrective steps to set all wrongs right and pull the #nation out of wails and put on rails. And behold.It is possible! We just need a responsible and accountable system of governance and a steadfast #Judiciary to nip the #Legislature’s and #Executive’s Constitutional violations right in the bud. The Book 'Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India' provides the answer to make it happen. For free e-copy of the book visit:           


INDIA IN SHAMBLES - FORGOTTEN CONSTITUTION: Set house to order: Foreign aids in terms of FDI’s, expertise and technology cannot make a lame horse gallop unless we set our own house also  to order that i...

INDIA IN SHAMBLES - FORGOTTEN CONSTITUTION: Judiciary Custodian of Constitution

INDIA IN SHAMBLES - FORGOTTEN CONSTITUTION: Judiciary Custodian of Constitution: Let all people know that Judiciary of India is the Custodian of our Constitution and responsible for its implementation.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

To Stop Criminalisation of India's Politics

The causes of criminalisation of politics are analysed in Section 6.4.1 III/#. The nation must have prudent, knowledgeable and honest guardians. Sir, presently the Parliament and State Assemblies have large numbers of tainted Legislators. It is not only a blemish on our Parliamentary system of democracy; it also acts as a horrendous retardant in the proper governance of the country and a conspicuous cause of lack of fiduciary relationship of the government with the people.
Sir, ‘Law of Humanity’ stands above all other considerations as discussed under Section 6.4.1 III and demands the care of perennially deprived and suffering people first, who remain woe-betide and economically enslaved for long 68 years for no fault of theirs (they are    the conspicuous innocent victims in the whole gambit), rather than the Legislators who carry criminal charges on them yet enjoy liberty, dignity and authority. These dubious characters are a major cause of the plight of our suffering people.
 The learned Supreme Court directive to the trial courts to finish trials against tainted Legislators within a year to shorten the legal process (clipping 84) is admirable and a step forward in this direction. Yet, in the interest of   justice to the innocent impoverished and suffering people, I shall pray the learned Judiciary to debar them altogether until they are acquitted by the law. It is applying the maxim of law, ’in the larger public good - individual rights can be sacrificed’.

A person is (not always) innocent until proven guilty
The gospel truth is that no law is above the ‘Law of Humanity’. Our Constitution too, is primarily to uphold humanity and extend human protection. It is no denying the fact that perennial sufferings of our large populace are a conspicuous culmination of our large incapable, unscrupulous and tainted guardians in our governments. The stunning scams and goof-ups have shattered the conscience of the nation. A few books* by the people who were in the system   have revealed how the government decisions are influenced by such ominous guardians while the prudence of governance is pushed aside.

 The justice demands the learned Judiciary to act decisively and strictly in matters of governance and protecting the ‘Basic Law of Humanity’. No law can be legal if it is the root cause of perennial sufferings and impoverishment of our large populace. Tainted guardians play a sinister role in forcing many ominous decisions on the threat of fall of governments. Such characters in Parliament or State Assemblies are bad omens and source of germinating unscrupulous decisions and turning governance malevolent by its acts and deeds. Such governances have been the cause of pushing the nation to the present state.

 Sir, according to my intense studies and research over the years, I dwell on the learned Judiciary that responsible and accountable system of government is an urgent necessity for our country to halt regression, corruption and scams to progress and pull our people out of their perennial sombreness. State assemblies and Parliament are our ‘human welfare’ temples to empower our people with liberty and dignity. Tainted and ominous guardians play an oxymoron in accomplishing this wishful goal and negate the purpose of our struggle for freedom.

Judiciary doting advice to the Prime Minister (TOI 28/08/2014) to keep the tainted Legislators out of Cabinet is a welcome step towards the above but not a cure of the ailment neither a justice to the perennially innocent suffering masses.

Nation First

Time comes when we must think of our nation and focus on constructive work rather than get distracted over extraneous issues.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Judiciary our ultimate guardian

No matter what, Judiciary is our ultimatr guardian and responsible for its implementation.

Judiciary Custodian of Constitution

Let all people know that Judiciary of India is the Custodian of our Constitution and responsible for its implementation.

Disregard of Constitution of India:

Article 38 of our Constitution directs the government to secure the social order for the people such as to minimise the inequalities in income, status, facilities and opportunities. But the disparity between the rich and the poor is widening which is indicative of rising poverty. We pray the learned Judiciary to rise and direct the Legislature to fulfil Article 38 in letter and spirit. May I appeal my concerned associates to reach out the message far and wide. For full philosophy visit;