Friday, 30 January 2015

Causes of India's perennaial failures

All relief operations by the governments are supposed to be only short term measures under emergencies or urgencies. They cannot be made permanent, for it shall mean the failures of our governments in creating conditions and avenues to avert such situations in future. Alas! In India all short term measures become permanent due to perennial failures of our governments. Some examples; Mid-Day Meals, MGNREGA and Loan Waivers, Food Security,Food Subsidy Schemes and many more like, free Plots, Flats, pucca Houses and rising food subsidies et al.
It is the pathetic story of India of the past 68 years that has pushed the people to utter illiteracy and   poverty and country to the present shambles.

I pray some day some messiah rises and directs us the right path to 'liberty and dignity'. 

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