Monday, 12 December 2016

India In Shamles


When a society undergoes perpetual economic regression,
the people undergo unbearable sufferings. If their
guardians are responsible for their woes, they (the people)
may demand a change of guardians. In the case of the
French and Russian revolutions too, the people faced
acute poverty, illiteracy, insurmountable miseries, social
neglect, and deprivation. When it became unbearable, they
revolted. In the French Revolution (1789–99) the Bourbon
monarch, and in the Russian Revolution (1917) the Tsar,
were assassinated and their monarchies overthrown.

Deprivation and lack of means can make a person beastly.

India IN Shambles

 Reliefs and hand-outs are
                        abuses to “liberty and dignity”,
                      destruction of our resources and
                       tardy development of the nation.
        Ultimately pushing the hapless people to  permanent
                   destitution and poverty to always remain


Sunday, 11 December 2016

India In Shambles

The people of India, are hoodwinked and grossly cheated
         by our own Founding Fathers who later

             took over the reins of ‘free India’!

Economic Freedom

Economic freedom and dignity must come
           through natural means and not by way of
                            charity or handouts.
       Human rights are the basic rights to which all

           human beings are entitled under UDHR.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

India In Shambles

Our Fundamental and Socio-economic Rights
They are provided in Part III and Part IV of the Constitution and may be broadly defined as;

  • economic freedom,
   - Liberty,
   - Dignity,
   - equal status and opportunity, and
   - fraternity

The government of the land must create means and avenues (opportunities) to fulfil these requirements for “Self Determination” and “Self Empowerment” of the people to earn their living in a “natural and dignified way”. Such that they are not dependent on reliefs and hand-outs.
 Rights of the People of India:

“Nation” and the “People” are always paramount, no matter under what law they are being referred to. In the guise of RP Act* Legislature cannot push the country to tatters and people to utter poverty, illiteracy and backwardness. Misuse of RP Act in this manner is a flagrant defiance of the sanctity and reverence of the Constitution in terms of its Part III and IV which are fundamental in the governance of the country and inalienable. Any Act that demeans the “Nation” or the “People” in any manner what-so-ever is a criminal Act and therefore ultra vires.
Establishing responsible and accountable system of
governance at the Union and the States that are sensitive to
human sufferings and capable to fulfilling the basic
objectives of the Constitution.

Dear Countrymen,
I am beginning a new series for India’s awareness for the benefit of the people of India. It aims at making India prosperous and pull out the people from  their present miseries and agonies to a glorious future. I hope people will comprehend the messages I will post and shall be inspired to work together to make India happy and prosperous.  

India In Shambles

Had our Guardians taken care of the people,
everybody indeed had proudly chanted, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’!

It was shocking that just when our soldiers were fighting
the militants a group of people chanted ’anti-India’ and
’freedom for Kashmir’ slogans a short distance from
the site (22/2/2016). All this is rebellion in the making
and demonstrates the lack of development, lack of job

opportunities and rising hardships of our people.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

India In Shambles

We are implementing NREGA through Gram Panchayats for rural development and are constructing latrines,small huntsmen, ponds, village roads, and other scanty patchworks. Basically it is yet another ”alleviate poverty” programme of the government rather than a rural development mission.