Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Think #India and the image that immediately comes to mind is that of chaos and #poverty, with a few odd economic success stories shining like tinsels on tattered rags. Sixty eight years of the current form of #democracy has failed India's poor millions who still languish in extreme poverty and sorrows of lives. Consistent shortage of water and electricity, creaking infrastructure, lack of job opportunities, galloping #inflation and dwindling value of the rupee present a nightmarish scenario of our nation and haunt the #commonman.
 Wisdom demands corrective steps to set all wrongs right and pull the #nation out of wails and put on rails. And behold.It is possible! We just need a responsible and accountable system of governance and a steadfast #Judiciary to nip the #Legislature’s and #Executive’s Constitutional violations right in the bud. The Book 'Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India' provides the answer to make it happen. For free e-copy of the book visit:           

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