Tuesday, 6 January 2015

To Stop Criminalisation of India's Politics

The causes of criminalisation of politics are analysed in Section 6.4.1 III/#. The nation must have prudent, knowledgeable and honest guardians. Sir, presently the Parliament and State Assemblies have large numbers of tainted Legislators. It is not only a blemish on our Parliamentary system of democracy; it also acts as a horrendous retardant in the proper governance of the country and a conspicuous cause of lack of fiduciary relationship of the government with the people.
Sir, ‘Law of Humanity’ stands above all other considerations as discussed under Section 6.4.1 III and demands the care of perennially deprived and suffering people first, who remain woe-betide and economically enslaved for long 68 years for no fault of theirs (they are    the conspicuous innocent victims in the whole gambit), rather than the Legislators who carry criminal charges on them yet enjoy liberty, dignity and authority. These dubious characters are a major cause of the plight of our suffering people.
 The learned Supreme Court directive to the trial courts to finish trials against tainted Legislators within a year to shorten the legal process (clipping 84) is admirable and a step forward in this direction. Yet, in the interest of   justice to the innocent impoverished and suffering people, I shall pray the learned Judiciary to debar them altogether until they are acquitted by the law. It is applying the maxim of law, ’in the larger public good - individual rights can be sacrificed’.

A person is (not always) innocent until proven guilty
The gospel truth is that no law is above the ‘Law of Humanity’. Our Constitution too, is primarily to uphold humanity and extend human protection. It is no denying the fact that perennial sufferings of our large populace are a conspicuous culmination of our large incapable, unscrupulous and tainted guardians in our governments. The stunning scams and goof-ups have shattered the conscience of the nation. A few books* by the people who were in the system   have revealed how the government decisions are influenced by such ominous guardians while the prudence of governance is pushed aside.

 The justice demands the learned Judiciary to act decisively and strictly in matters of governance and protecting the ‘Basic Law of Humanity’. No law can be legal if it is the root cause of perennial sufferings and impoverishment of our large populace. Tainted guardians play a sinister role in forcing many ominous decisions on the threat of fall of governments. Such characters in Parliament or State Assemblies are bad omens and source of germinating unscrupulous decisions and turning governance malevolent by its acts and deeds. Such governances have been the cause of pushing the nation to the present state.

 Sir, according to my intense studies and research over the years, I dwell on the learned Judiciary that responsible and accountable system of government is an urgent necessity for our country to halt regression, corruption and scams to progress and pull our people out of their perennial sombreness. State assemblies and Parliament are our ‘human welfare’ temples to empower our people with liberty and dignity. Tainted and ominous guardians play an oxymoron in accomplishing this wishful goal and negate the purpose of our struggle for freedom.

Judiciary doting advice to the Prime Minister (TOI 28/08/2014) to keep the tainted Legislators out of Cabinet is a welcome step towards the above but not a cure of the ailment neither a justice to the perennially innocent suffering masses.
            #   http://www.indiainshambles.com/Constitution_of_India.pdf

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