Thursday, 29 January 2015

President Obama visit to India January,2015

President Barack Obama during his visit to India said on 27 January that, ‘India will succeed as
long as it is not splintered on religious lines’. He also quoted Article 25 of our Constitution to lay emphasis on his statement. The remark may also be a caution to avert splintering episodes like Gujrat 2002.The remarks may also be backlash of some past events as cited below;
 Increasing cases of attacks and destruction of churches, rapes and murders of Christians in Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Delhi and elsewhere by the Bajrang Dal on the plea that Christians are forcing conversions (September 2008). According to the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2011, India ranks amongst the 20 least peaceful nations in the world (Zee News Bureau, 26 May, 2011).
The western world, particularly the US and European Union (EU), has expressed serious concern on this and embarrassed India before the world community. Earlier, French President Nicholas Sarkozy conveyed as much to our Prime Minister when he was in France (29 September, 2008) and a few days later Condoleezza Rice (the then US Secretary of State) said the same thing when she visited India (4 October 2008).
Note: Some of our learned leaders, however, called it interference in our internal matters.
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