Thursday, 29 January 2015

Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi elections

The Chief Election Commissioner of India,

                                                       An open letter to CEC
                               Elections, Allurements &Freebies in Delhi elections                        
Dear Sir,                                                                                                                          

Dt 30/1/2015
The basic purpose of establishing governments is to develop the nation and empower the people naturally. Elections are a process to elect worthy guardians to establish responsible governments capable of fulfilling the socio-economic requirements of the Constitution (Article 38). Article 38 is fundamental in the governance of the country (Supreme Court).  
[“Dole-out of freebies vitiates the electoral process and shakes the root of free and fair elections,” said a Supreme Court bench of learned Justices P. Sathasivam and Rajan Gagoi (TOI, 6 July, 2013, clipping 42A)].
Present election manifestoes: Waiver of bills or highly subsidised prices of water and electricity. Free Plots, Flats, Pucca Houses at slums. More food subsidies and many more!? Indeed a great invite to migrants and their generous rehabilitation, even the most benevolent Kings of their times would not have ventured. And then what shall be left of Delhi after all this!?
Sir, if Freebies and Allurements (Metaphors of Bribes) are not banishes India shall only dwindle. Past 68 years are witness how gradually the nation is pushed to present shambles. The poor shall become poorer as all the money with the exchequer shall be lost on unproductive heads and only little left for development or to build infrastructure and facilities to naturally empower the poor. Already more than 100 crore of our people are destitutes or impoverished. Officially also government is obliged to feed at least 67%of our people through Mid-Day Meals, MGNREGA, Loan Waivers, Food Security and Food Subsidy Schemes and many more. The pathetic conditions of our government schools and the poor education system of our country are no secret. Everything India is creaking and dilapidating. It is a matter of shame for all Indians. Imagine what we shy to talk ourselves, President Obama travelling 13,500 km has conveyed to us about our poverty, ‘liberty and dignity’ and splintering fraternity. He also talked of our Constitution that we seem to have forgotten. 
Sir, I know you also want to see your country prosperous and people happy and satisfied. Please then make your elections due process purposeful and meaningful. Now the reins are with you please do what can make country progress and people happy? Delhi is already destroyed with 60 lacs juggi dwellers already authorised. Fresh freebies in terms of regularising the remaining colonies shall only make Delhi totally unliveable with rising Jhuggi and jhopar pattis  and so also footpath vendors, hawkers, rehris, and daily and weekly footpath markets every nook and corner of the city and in the midst of residential colonies.
Sir, not only we are belittled in our own eyes for our dismal performance; we shall also be shamed by the posterity for the shambles we shall leave behind. Sir, your decision now shall determine the future course of our country.
I hope Election commission shall be Judicious in addressing such issues prudently and set right the earlier wrongs in the interest of the nation and wellbeing of its large impoverished and famished   populace.
Thanks and Regards.
Sincerely yours
K C Agrawal
Author of: 'It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India for 'Liberty and Dignity’
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