Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Implement forgotten Constitution of India for 'liberty and dignity'

Dear Friends,

Think India and the image that immediately flashes the mind is that of chaos and poverty, with a few odd economic success stories shining like tinsels on tattered rags. Sixty seven years of the current form of democracy has failed India’s poor millions who still languish in extreme poverty and sorrows of lives. Consistent shortage of water and electricity, creaking infrastructure, lack of job opportunities, galloping inflation and dwindling value of the rupee present a nightmarish scenario of our nation which haunts the common man.

Since all these issues relate to the welfare of the people and cause gross human rights violations, they are justiciable and fall within the purview of the Judiciary to redress. United Nations’ various charters, treatises and human rights protections, promulgated from time to time, also make these submissions justiciable (Section 4.1). Chapter 7 of the book also demonstrates the justiciability of the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) mentioned in Part IV of our Constitution.
K C Agrawal
Anjuna Agrawal Singh

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