Friday, 13 February 2015

To implement the Constitution

To #implementtheConstitution:
There is no dearth of #resources in our country to fulfil the #basicObjectives of the Constitution and extend to the people #economic#FeedomandDignity of life in real terms.

Making #optimumuseofourResources:
It is a universal truth that any society or nation can become prosperous and happy provided that it is able to identify and make optimum use of its resources. See Part III of the book #'It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India for #'Liberty and Dignity’ . 

Our Resources:

These resources are; #primaryResources  (agriculture), #secondaryResources  (industry), #tertiaryResources or our (service sector especially the #tourism), #naturalResources (like metals, minerals, oils and gas) and our mammoth force of #humanResource. 
Most important is our wasted resources that I will discuss in my next mail. If we are able to plug the wastage of resources our present #GDP can easily be doubled. Please watch the next post.
K C Agrawal
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