Tuesday, 14 March 2017

India in Shambles, Only the Judiciary can save us

Dear friends,
India in Shambles, only the Judiciary can save us’ is recently published. It is a unique book on India’s maladies and remedies. Never so much intense research has ever been conducted on India.    
                                                         See  What the Eminent People Say
-“India in Shambles” is the impassioned out-pouring of an anguished heart of a true patriot, sensitive to the present dismal conditions of Governance. justice M.N. Venkatachalia, Former Chief Justice of India, Chairperson of National Commission.
‘K.C. Agrawal is an Engineer by Profession but a lawyer by choice. He told us about what the country has lost and what can be redeemed out of it’ -Mr Justice T.S. Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India (during a seminar at India Law Institute, New Delhi, Sept. 2014)
- ‘K.C. Agrawal is an Architect’- Hon’ble Mr Ram Jethmalani, Jurist (during a seminar at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, Oct. 2014)

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I had already filed the PIL with the SC for ‘good governance’ but I am advised to make some changes in the formatting. I shall be filing the final PIL shortly. One can find the  PIL in verbatim in Chapter 7 of the book.
I am sure this book shall prove to be a unique source of information for the people of India.

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K C Agrawal 

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