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Apex Court view on tainted Legislators--- My post dt 28/2/2015

Dear Friends,
There are many comments from different X-sections of intellectuals-- some for and some against. Irrespective of different opinions, I am happy people have affinity with their country, #India. My brief reply within the framework of the #Indian Constitution is noted below which I hope people will comprehend; 

When the subject relates to our nation and its people and both #regressing consistently, I suppose it calls for an approach out of the box. The truth lies in the fact that not only there is ‘no  implementation’ of the Constitution in the past 68 years of our #independence, there has been gross ‘abuses of the #Indian Constitution' by the Legislators and the Executives without any deterrence and more lamenting, we have no saviour to stop the same. This duty is of our Judiciary but for reasons better known to them, they too play bystanders.

My purpose through my research over the years is to wake up judiciary to their basic incumbency of getting the Constitution implemented playing a third eye for the Legislature and the Executive (governing guardians) and to thwart away all such attempts by the governing guardians that dilute, undermine or abuse any of the basic provisions of the Constitution. Unless they do so India shall be totally destroyed one day. We already are in deep shambles.

I have analysed in detail in my book that these are the tainted Legislators at the Union and the States level that are responsible for the gradual deterioration of the governing prudence of our country and basic cause for the miserable plight of our large populace. Tainted Legislators therefore must be banned at least in the governance of the country. Without this it shall be no less playing Nero’s while our own nation and the people would be getting destroyed under our own self inflicting curses. I have propounded for debarring Legislators only not others. For insight see my book #'It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India for 'Liberty and Dignity’.

Our election process for Legislators is highly abusive where the voters are required to elect out of an evil. It is not possible to find out ‘our man Flint’ out of the rogues. A few good persons alone can do little good unless the entire team is wise and prudent.
 Mr Modi is an exceptionally capable PM, it shall be interesting to watch how he can change the whole nation with handful people of prudence, unless the whole governing system (Legislators and Executives) at the States and Union Territories are also commensurately knowledgeable, wise and prudent! 
Request please glance through the book and you will find answers to all your doubts.
Thanks & Regards
K C Agrawal 
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