Saturday, 7 March 2015

India Budget 2015-16: An approach towards rural development

Determining the merits and demerits of the budget 2015-16 I will like to leave  to the experts, individuals, businessmen and the corporate sector who can do it the best. Presently I will like to focus on the rural development vis- a- vis budget provisions, the most important and challenging task before the nation as briefly discussed below;
The budget makes a hefty provision of over Rs 10 lac cr for the rural front in terms of micro irrigation, rural infrastructure, farmers and small entrepreneurs credit funds and MGNERGA etc..
 According to me it can be best utilized tackling perennial floods, droughts and making farming viable. 64% of our farmers are landless labour and 33% are marginal farmers having land holdings as small as one hectare and less, rendering farming unviable. It calls for land management - making larger farm lands through cooperatives (Chapter 8.3 of my book) and creating infrastructure – by addressing scarcity of water (water management), power management, making roads and storage systems and very importantly, providing R&D and guidance to the farmers for better quality, productivity and utility of resources and suggesting them the kind of crops they should grow, also establishing markets for them.
The foremost for the government is to address these issues on an urgent basis   towards making the rural poor self sufficient and self reliant at their native places. I wish the government initiates rural development on a holistic basis and engages the idle labour in constructive work rather than in various kinds of relief operations such as MGNREGA. My book provides ways and means how most of our idle and unemployed people can be engaged for better productivity and in turn their prosperity. Prudent and meticulous use of these funds may gradually settle the rural poor on a long term basis in a graceful manner rather than living on alms and charities.
Similarly provision for 4 cr houses for rural areas and 2 cr for urban is a noble cause. It is a huge task and calls for detailed town planning with all possible civic amenities and infrastructure in one go such as for education, health services and community services etc. I wish the entire rural front be developed to the level of modern urban cities. Concept of City Centres is an ideal philosophy to achieve the same and my book provides all possible road-maps and guidelines to establish them in a scientific way (Chapter 8.3).
 Any short term approach shall jeopardize a good opportunity. 
I shall be happy to have valuable reactions from the learned audience.
Thanks and Regards
K C Agrawal

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