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Voraciously rising population and its consequences

                               In the making of the nation 

           (Population, environment, and anarchy are inter-related)
Effects on global warming:
Higher the population greater the demand for shelter, clothing, household gadgets and facilities for bodily needs, education system, municipal services, medical health facilities and transportation etc.. All this means more industrialization, more smoke-belching industries and more power generating stations, resulting in more burning of fossil fuels, and emission of yet more greenhouse gases. Fossil burning is more prominent in societies that are lesser developed (India is one) and still practice the use of fossil fuel (oil, gas & coal) in abundance for power generation. The global directive is to switch-over to non conventional (non-renewable) energy sources as fast as possible, mainly to Hydro-electric and Solar power generation (wind has limited scope), Chapter 8.8 of the book. This means shrinking of usable lands, denudation of forests, more global warming and so forth, gradually trapping us into a vicious circle. It is therefore imperative that the entire world understands the catastrophes that may emerge due to swarming population and exercises strict population control to negate its adverse effects. Say, from the present level of the world population of over 700 crore (2011) to 350–400 crore in about a hundred years, Chapter 8.4.  
UN is required to play a very vital role cautioning the world communities to contain their population to a safe limit.
According to me, containing the global population can be a tangible means to contain the global warming and delay submergence of low-lying islands. A determined drop in population may quite possibly contain the rise in sea levels; even halt global warming in the course of time.
My emphasis on population control, therefore, is not merely socioeconomic. Global warming is a great threat to humanity.  Thousands of islands in the next couple of decades may shrink and vanish into the seas due to this. It calls for human empathy and his commensurate efforts and commitment to protect the present and the posterity from this man made menace. Man is quite capable of circumventing such predicaments. O’ kindly light, let the wisdom prevail! 
Unabated and uncontrolled swarming population and scanty job opportunities are compounding the already grim socio-economic situation in many societies. Unless we remove our blindfolds and   see the truth, the day is not far when we shall have no place to live and roads to commute. One may also wonder for how long our mother earth shall be able to feed its untrammeled swarming mouths? All this demands wisdom and urgent actions to tackle the insurmountable predicament. Chapter 8.4 of my book is an attempt to provide tangible solutions to a seeming predicament.
Recession and disgruntled societies is a natural phenomenon of unabated rise in the population and limitations of the mother earth in satisfying their ever growing needs and aspirations. Many of the evils afflicting the world communities are largely a culmination of rapidly rising population and paucity of our means leading to frustration and eruption of protests, agitations and disturbances. We have witnessed these occurrences with concern in various parts of the world during 2011-15. It is therefore imperative that the whole world takes a pause and gives this phenomenon a serious thought to practice strict population control as discussed in Chapter 8.4.

K C Agrawal
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