Saturday, 28 March 2015

'It’s Time to Implement the Forgotten Constitution of India'.’Causes and effects of large scale migration of rural poor to cities.

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When emigration takes the shape of exodus and large groups of people move from one habitat to another, it disrupts the local order of things. Large-scale migration is a kind of encroachment upon the natural living conditions of native local inhabitants and may create a hazardous situation.
Articles 15 and 19e are Constitutional requirements. But their implementation at the cost of resentment of the local people is a dangerous phenomenon. The case of Maharashtra and the venomous eruptions by some political parties must be viewed with this aspect in view. While such eruptions are offensive and unwarranted, they also invoke an urgent need for all the three guardians (governing and monitoring) to look into the causes that result in such large-scale exodus, gradually taking the shape of a menace. A similar situation was created when rickshaw-pullers were permitted in Delhi and now authorizing the illegal colonies to legal.
These episodes call for serious investigation into the causes compelling such exoduses. The conspicuous reason is perennial and consistent non-performances of our governing guardians (Legislature and Executive) in terms of tangible development. To halt such fratricidal episodes it is desirable for the monitoring guardian, the learned Judiciary, to direct the Legislature and the Executive to create avenues and conditions especially on the rural front on an urgent basis enabling people to earn their living at their native places.

Partisan thoughts and withering brotherhood (fratricidal instincts) culminate in the polarisation of the nation. It is a dangerous indicator of communal divides and fragmentation of the nation. The Tendulkar and N.C. Saxena Committee reports on levels of impoverishment and later the NSSO report (clipping 73A) have further underlined the pathetic condition of our people. The plight of tribal areas and that of interior India may be yet more harrowing than meets the eye–evoking little surprise at the rising Maoism, Naxalism and other terrorist activity in the country. 
K C Agrawal

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