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2. In the Making of the Nation: First and foremost


 Dear Friend,
In my last mail I talked about self determination. Now further;            

Without a rigid foundation one cannot build a superstructure and neither can we build a prosperous nation without a responsible and accountable system of governance. The road-maps and guidelines that I have presented   can be fulfilled only by a responsible and accountable system of governance at the States and the Union levels (how to establish good governance see chapter 7 of the book).
Here below I am providing brief guide lines to overcome the perennial regression that has besieged the nation;
-          Guarantee jobs to 100 percent workable hands within two to three years, not by way of charity or gratis, but by doing actual creative and developmental works, noted in Chapters 8.1–8.10.
-          Make optimum use of our talent and expertise and the mammoth human resource available with us.
-          Make judicious use of our natural and non-renewable resources.
-          Optimize our Primary (agriculture), Secondary (industries) and Tertiary (mainly tourism) sectors.
-          Exercise population control and bring it down to the level of about 80 crore (Chapter 8.4).
-          Remove the illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness of our people by creating a proper education system (Chapter 8.5 and Section 8.3.1. II).
-          Rehabilitate the old, the disabled and destitute, and gradually eradicate disabilities and destitution for all time (Section 8.3.1).
-          Motivate people to work for the nation and care for their fellow-beings (Section 8.5.1).
-          Practice water management (Chapter 8.6).
-          Be prepared for disaster management (Chapter 8.7).
-          Optimize power generation (Chapter 8.8).
-          Improve the environment (Chapter 8.9).
-          Put emphasis on IT (information technology) and R&D (research and development) (Chapter 8.10).
The subsequent sections shall explain briefly how the above can actually be achieved.  
In my next message I will provide a few guidelines’

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K C Agrawal

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