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2. In the Making of the Nation


                                   Identifying Our Resources
Primary Resources (Agriculture-based Resources)
Villages are still the reflection of our country. Unless villages prosper, the country shall not. Our villages have become a living disgrace of harrowing human suffering, sorrows and maladies. The situation can be reversed by:
-          Improving the size of land holdings (land management). It would mean smaller farmers may have to form cooperatives.
-          Doing extensive research on the agricultural front
-          Developing good quality (hybrid) seeds
-          Using proper manures and pesticides 
-          Establishing storage systems to save agricultural produce from rains, storms, heat and rodents.
-          Locating markets and establishing a proper transportation system.
-          Adapting to modern irrigation techniques and mechani­sation to get rid of primitive and outdated practices of irrigation and harvesting.
-          Mechanisation will result in large-scale unemployment but I have identified enough avenues in Chapter 8.1 to gainfully engage the surplus labour force.
-          So on and so forth. For details refer the book.

 If we are able to do the above we can improve the productivity of our primary sector by seven to ten times. And then (after five to seven years), when the economy is back on track, we can begin the construction of our nation through City Centres (Chapter 8.3). This will, in another seven to ten years, transform the villages, the villagers, rehabilitate the disabled and destitute, and thus transform the whole nation like a dream come true.    
The perennial recurrences of droughts and floods over the years have eroded the fertility of our arable land to a great extent. The present erosion of the agricultural front, low yield, soaring prices, and pathetic condition of our farmers and their committing suicide is of little surprise. Perennial droughts, floods and lack of means of livelihood have resulted in large-scale emigration of our farmers and unemployed workers to nearby urban areas in search of livelihoods. It disturbs the local social order and creates a lot of unrest, traffic congestion, and other problems, including hatred for the migrants, as witnessed in Maharashtra, Assam, Bihar, UP (also see Sections, 2.8, 3.2).
The next topic will be secondary resource (industries)

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